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"Hi All .. My goodness ....I used some of your soap last night for the first time ...its amazing .lovely .Thanks"

- Mrs S. Hickman

"Fantastic hidden treasure. Incredibly friendly & kind with a range of home grown, home made produce. Can't recommend enough."

"We were out walking on Sunday and passed the entrance of your farm and noticed that you have fresh eggs. On our returned journey we decided to stop and to buy "half a dozen eggs. 
They were the best. 
I highly recommend people buy your products. 
I will be stopping every time we pass from now on. 
Thank you so much."

"I suffer from very sensitive skin. And I have episodes of nasty psoriasis flare up every now and then. So I tend to be wary of products i use. I can honestly say the soaps used calm irritation and redness. Also on my scalp. My two children use the soap which is very gentle on their precious skin. Amazingly good results. They always comment that the bath room smells beautiful just like mommys special soap. Heavenly. Recommend the service and communication from farmer and his wife. Thanks you..."

- Mrs C. Knott

"Lovely, tasty eggs. Nice friendly chatty man. His wife spins wool, I need to meet her. I love wool."